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Virbac Vet Aquadent 250 ml

Virbac Vet Aquadent 250 ml

Virbac Vet Aquadent 250 ml


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In Stock

More information:

Thanks to its exclusive formula, this oral cleaner for dogs and cats is very effective in fighting bad breath and the formation of dental plaque and tartar, so its daily use will provide your pet with fresh and healthy breath.

Daily oral hygiene is essential for the health of the dog and cat, so it is very important to prevent possible problems through the use of products such as Vet aquadent, which acts quickly and effectively on dental plaque.

In case of large accumulation of tartar, a dental cleaning should be carried out by the veterinarian.


Incorrect dental hygiene can put your pet in danger.

Dental plaque builds up as soon as the teeth appear. If no dental cleaning is carried out, the plaque mineralizes and becomes tartar. Tartar can cause a serious condition called periodontal disease.

Vet Aquadent won the 2017/2018 World Branding Awards in the category of "Additives for dental solution" for dogs and cats.

The benefits of Vet Aquadent

Reduces dental plaque by 50% in just 2 months

Considerable reduction of tartar formation

Prevention of periodontal diseases

Fight bad breath

Its daily use can be the key to preventing kidney, liver or heart diseases resulting from the appearance of bacteria.

Take your dog or cat to the veterinary clinic at least once a year for a dental exam; a routine control improves your pet's oral health, contributing to the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.


Glycerin, xylitol.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein…………< 0.5%

Crude fat ……… < 1 %

Crude fiber ………………< 0.8%

Raw ash………………… 1 %

Humidity…………………… 74%

Posology, Mode and Route of Administration

VET AQUADENT is intended for the oral and dental care of adult cats and dogs.

VET AQUADENT must be added daily to your pet's drinking water using the cap according to the following table.

Daily dose of VET AQUADENT


Daily Dose of


daily water requirement

(indicative values)

Cat 2.5 ml

(1/4 cap) 250 ml

Dog < 10 kg 5 ml

(1/2 cap) 500 ml

Dog 10-25 kg 10 ml

(1 cap) 1000 ml

Dog > 25 kg 15 ml

(1 1/2 cap) 1500 ml

Replace the drinking water daily, even if not completely consumed, using fresh diluted solution, as instructed above.

Special Precautions for Use

Not suitable for human consumption.

Keep out of the reach of children.

conservation conditions

Store at temperatures below 25°C.