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Virbac Pronefra 180 ml for cats and dogs

Virbac Pronefra 180 ml by Virbac.

Virbac Pronefra 180 ml


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In Stock

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Pronefra for Kidney Problems in Dogs and Cats

Nutritional supplement for the maintenance of kidney function in dogs and cats. Kidney problems often involve lifelong treatments in our animals, which is why Pronefra stands out for its formula with natural ingredients such as olive oil and copra oil.


- Limits the bioavailability of phosphorus.

- Minimizes the presence of uremic toxins.

- Helps to maintain a balanced blood pressure

- Ease of administration, either with a syringe directly in the mouth or mixed with food.

- The product contains a syringe graduated according to the animal's weight.

- Excellent palatability also in cats. 95% of cats accept it.


Administer twice a day with food or around mealtime, using the measuring syringe.

- Cats: 1 ml/4 kg twice a day.

- Dogs: 1 ml/5 kg twice a day.

Instructions for use:

Shake vigorously before each use. The presence of a slight sediment is normal.

Animals must have permanent access to water. Do not exceed recommended serving. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before use.


Pronephra for Kidney Problems in Virbac Dogs and Cats

- Refined vegetable oil (olive and copra)

- Meat and animal by-products (poultry)

- Calcium carbonate 3.6%.

- Hydrolyzed fish protein 1.9%

- Chitosan 1%

- Magnesium carbonate 1% Magnesium carbonate 1% Magnesium carbonate