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Eliminall for dogs 10 Kg -20 Kg - 3 x pipette in box

Eliminall for dogs 10 Kg -20 Kg - 3 x pipette in box

Eliminall for dogs 10 Kg -20 Kg

In Stock

In Stock

More information:

Treat your dog for fleas and ticks with Eliminall Spot-On for Dogs. Eliminall kills fleas within 24 hours and any ticks or lice within 48 hours. The fipronil based treatment will keep your dog protected from fleas for up to 8 weeks. For the treatment to perform at its best it is recommended that it is repeated every 4 weeks. Can be used to help treat Flea Allergy Dermatitis (where previously diagnosed by a vet).

Key features

  • Easily to apply, administer to back of neck
  • Kills fleas within 24 hours, protects for up to 8 weeks
  • Kills ticks within 48 hours
  • Can help with flea allergy dermatitis
  • Suitable for dogs over 2 months old and/or 2kg in weight

Although Spot-On treats fleas, the majority of fleas nestle in the home. If if you are treating your pet for a current infestation, it is recommended that you treat your home too.

Exp. Date : Always more than 12 months.