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Bayer advantage 40 for dog - 4 KG ( 9 lb )

  • Bayer advantage 40 for dog - 4 KG ( 9 lb )

Bayer advantage 40 for dog < 4 KG ( 9 lb ) A scientifically proven flea treatment that will protect your pet, and your home, from being infested with fleas.

Bayer advantage 40 dog


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In Stock

In Stock

More information:

Exp. Date : Always more than 12 months.

Advantage 40mg Spot-On Solution for small cats, small dogs and pet rabbits


One pipette for cats, dogs and rabbits weighing less than 4kg


Scientifically proven to prevent and treat fleas on your pet and kill larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes


0.4ml (40mg imidacloprid)

Order :

4 x pipette ( 0,4 ml each one ) in package.

Portuguese version in the package as Photos.

The product box may differ from the photos.

Supplied with instructions in English.

Genuine Bayer