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What is the most effective external anti-parasitic for cats ?

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Choosing the best external anti-parasitic for cats depends on several factors. First of all, it is essential that the cat is seen by the veterinarian, so that he can assess the feline and indicate an antiparasitic suitable to his characteristics. This is especially important if your pet has some sensitivity.

Parasites transmit various diseases. So it is essential that you protect or feline. The cat's health is a basis for general well-being and certainly, as a guardian, he wants to offer the best possible quality of life to his best friend.


To choose the external anti-parasitic for your cat, you must include his age, weight, lifestyle and environment where he lives. Even if your feline lives indoors, it is essential to administer a dewormer. Parasites can enter our home in different ways, for example, through our shoes. Without the appetizer, countless parasites can enter your home and attack the application animals, without having to put a paw, that is, in the garden. So it is essential that your cat is protected.


There are several types of external anti-parasitic for cats: pipettes, collars, pills, spray, among others. Be qualified for those who choose your cat, you must pay attention to confirm what is suitable for your feline. One of the aspects to take into account the type of immediate coverage of the product - that is, combating fleas, ticks or other parasites. You must choose the most appropriate, taking into account the environment where the cat lives.

Equally important, is to choose or deworming the equivalent weight and / or age of the cat. A dose with variable weight or cat weight administration is essential to administer the correct dose, both for the antiparasitic and for the recommended effect, as well as not to cause any adverse reaction to the feline.


Pipettes are a type of dewormer that is applied directly to the cat's skin. There are several brands of this type of antiparasitic, among which, a Frontline or an Advantage. There is no respect for Frontline as a Combo combo, fighting fleas, ticks and biting guitars. The Advantage brand offers two options: one for cats weighing up to 4 kg and the other for cats weighing more than 4 kg. This brand acts against fleas and lice. Usually, pipettes should be administered to cats every 4 weeks. However, it is essential to follow the indications described on the packaging, as each brand has different actions and duration of protection.


As collars are a more practical antiparasitic, they last longer than pipettes. The Seresto brand guarantees 7 to 8 months of protection and acts against fleas and ticks. It is normal that, with stress on a daily basis, or the guardian can forget the deworming of your cat. With a collar you can rest for several months, as he will always be protected against these external parasites.


There are also options for antiparasitic spray, if your feline cannot, for some reason, use pipettes or collars. There are several brands that offer this option, such as Frontline, with Frontline Spray, and also Beaphar, with Fiprotec.

In addition, there are other antiparasitic products, which can complement the usual deworming - for example, a champion that acts as a repellent for some external parasites that can be affected by an infestation.


It is essential to deworm your feline regularly, according to the instructions given by the veterinarian, or to maintain the regularity indicated in the anti-parasitic that you administer to your feline. Before applying any deworming to your cat, read carefully or information leaflet, so that your feline is properly dewormed and, consequently, protected. Antiparasitic agents protect animals from parasites, which can transmit these diverse diseases. So it is essential that your best friend is always protected, so that you can live a peaceful and happy life.

Choosing or deworming the most effective for cats always depends on several factors. If you do not know which is the most suitable for your feline, or if you already have several options and no results, it is essential that you consult a veterinarian. Each animal has its characteristics and what is effective for some, may or may not be for others. In case your cat has some kind of sensitivity, she is qualified, it is even more important than a questionnaire or veterinarian about which anti-parasitic is most suitable for him, in order to avoid an allergic reaction or other problem.

Created at 16/02/2020
Updated at 16/02/2020