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Bernese mountain

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As its name suggests, the Bernese mountain dog originated in mountain farms in the Bern region in Switzerland.

Male Berneses reach a height of up to 27.5 inches and can weigh up to 125 lbs. and females are slightly smaller.
Apart from being very large, the most distinctive feature of this breed is the beautiful tri-colored markings on the coat and the face.

In general, these beautiful dogs are very kind natured and docile dogs that are friendly with other pets and with children.

Their affectionate and sweet nature is in stark contrast to their large and powerful build. They live to please their owners and will be happy to join you along wherever you go.

At home, Berneses are calm and prefer napping, but being built for hard work, they do require long walks, exercise, and playtime.

They are protective of their families but are not threatening to strangers. They will get attached to all family members, so there will be no jealousy among you when it comes to who is the dog’s favorite person at home!

Created at 12/02/2020
Updated at 13/02/2020